Monday, September 8, 2008

He was Runn-ing

Trevor competed in his first every cross country race on Friday. He was peer pressured into joining the team, but is enjoying himself none the less. Trevor was pretty nervous about this event. At breakfast that morning he was telling me his plan, "I'm going to pace myself and then sprint at the end so I can pass a lot of people. I just don't want to be last." I thought the plan was genius.
We got there just in time to hear the gun fire and the race began! Trevor saw us on the sidelines and sped up each time he ran past us. He ran .6 of a mile and finished about mid-pack. It was about 101 degrees as they raced. That was some dedicated running! Trevor was proud of himself and glad that his plan had actually worked.

Here he is with his 2 running buddies Jacob E. and Jacob C.

Here's Robb after chewing me out for standing in the runners' way - which, by the way, ROBB was just as much in the lane as I was - thank you very much!

Some spectators

It was a proud moment for me when Trevor finished. He came over to get a bottle of cold water and was absolutely beaming. My heart was overflowing when I saw his own self satisfaction on his face. He was so confident in that moment I almost cried!
Way to go Trevor!


Kelly said...

Way to go Trevor! Pretty soon you'll be out running your Dad!

Amy said...

Wow Trev! You're an awesome runner! I always wished I had done cross-country.