Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The rest of the celebrations

Trevor woke up to a delicious cinnamon roll breakfast on the morn of his special day.

There was one big gift...

A turtle tank! (He'd been begging for this thing for at least a month.)

Later that evening we had a Duran Family get-together where he was showered with even more gifts. (The video gaming has not stopped since ya'll left.) We were only missing Uncle Samuel and Gramma Boggs - we missed you guys!

Monday afternoon Lizzie, Jackson and I brought in donuts to Trevor's class for a special birthday treat. There are almost 40 kids in there! We brought 4 dozen assorted donuts and 2 gallons of milk. They almost wiped it all out - those kids love milk!

It was a great weekend of parties, fun, and family time. Thanks for making his 9th birthday one to remember!

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