Friday, September 5, 2008

The field is RIPE and ready to harvest...

Jeremy thought this post should have been entitled "Black Boogers in the Shower", but I decided that was just too disgusting to share with the world, so napers on that one sweetie.

Our church owns a large grape vineyard here in Fresno. Each year, as members of the church, we go out to the vineyard to give our time to harvest these grapes so they can dry in the sun and turn into raisins. The church then takes half these raisins and uses them in humanitarian efforts. Jeremy, myself, Trevor and Logan got to go out to the vineyard tonight to harvest the largest harvest we've ever seen here in Fresno. It was unbelievable! There were about 20 of us working on our row and it took 2 hours to get 3/4 of that one row finished.

Trevor and Logan were hard workers out there, each with their own knife in hand, cutting away just like the rest of us. They worked their little buns off and enjoyed doing it!

Jeremy had a little fun of his own, throwing grapes at his brother and pouring water down his dad's pants. Hello?! Who are the adults around here?!

Oh yeah, about the black boogers.... this place is so dusty, you can actually feel the dirt being sucked in your nose as you breathe. Thus, resulting in a few not-so-pleasant nose blows after you get home.

Special thanks to Grandma Elizabeth who jumped at the chance to watch our 2 babies so I could go to the vineyard too. You are the best!

Soooo... who else is picking grapes this year?


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Ohhh...I SO don't miss the vineyard. It's not so much the dirt as it is the dirt mixed with sweat. Very sexy. And who can care about THAT when there are so many SPIDERS. Ick. It is indeed the "service" that the scriptures speak of, 'cuz there is no way I would be doing that if it didn't benefit so many people around the world.

Kelly said...

No grapes for me! Whoo hoo! San Luis is looking better and better.

kelly said...

I love the Vinyard! Of course, I have been at home watching babies the last few years, but I think it's kind of neat, with the exception of the sweltering heat. Tyler was out there last night too. What a harvest this year, a perfect year to have so much, we're going to need it I'm afraid.

pianomom said...

Thank goodness we no longer live in the grape-picking area. We will gladly leave the grapes to those of you who enjoy it :)