Monday, September 1, 2008

It is finished

Well, I finally did it. I feel like I'm the last person in the world to read this book - it's been out for almost a month now - but everyone's already read it! I'm also sure that those of you that have read it are already done talking about it and have moved on to more important things in your lives, but I'm going to take my turn to share my 2 cents.

I had to re-read the entire series just to make sure I hadn't forgotten any of the details. Then the book club book - A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Kahleed Hossenei - needed to be read (this book was beyond excellent and I recommend it to all adult readers). And so finally I reached out for that 4th book in the series and read all 756 pages in short spurts over 5 days. I'm sure it took most people less than 2 days to read, but hey, I like to take my time and enjoy a good story.

I thank Kelly Amanda for shoving these books into my hands as I rolled my eyes, "Books about vampires? Really?" She promised they were SOOOOO good and SOOOO addicting. Well, I hate being wrong, but yes. I WAS WRONG. So sorry for rolling my eyes and all my sarcastic comments. I loved these books. Yes, I even liked this last one. There are so many mixed opinions I just don't understand what everyone was expecting? They were romantic, thrilling and entertaining. Just what I like.

So, I want to know...

1. Did you like Breaking Dawn?
Yes, I did.

2. Do you think there should have been a MATURE rating on this 4th book like me?
I heard that Stephenie Meyer wanted the publishing company to put some sort of warning on the cover, but they wouldn't do it. I don't think I'd want my teenager reading all those intimate scenes - even as clean as they were...

3. Did the "straw cups of blood" gross out anyone else?
I was literally gagging through these parts.

4. Which book was your favorite?
Twilight, book 1.

5. Who's your favorite? Edward or Jacob?
I love the intensity between Edward and Bella, but I thought Jacob was so great in the New Moon - can't decide.

6. Will there be a book 5?
I thought she sort of set it up for one.

7. Any other random thoughts on the book?
I liked how Stephenie gave a little shout out to her pal author Shannon Hale when one of the vampires exhibited the same characteristics as some of the characters in Shannon's Goose Girl books. (The vamp that could control wind, fire water and earth. If you haven't read the Goose Girl - go get it - I loved that one too.)

OK people. That's enough. Jeremy is going to roll his eyes at this silly romance novel post - I just know it.

And if you haven't read any books from this series - run to the bookstore, the library, amazon - wherever - and start reading. Twilight is first - you'll figure out the rest from there. If you're a sucker for CLEAN romance, a little adventure and some fast entertaining reading then you will love these books. Enjoy!


Kristin said...

You've gotten me very excited to read the last book. I'm on the waiting list at the library. I'm 35th in line to read it! Maybe sometime next year?

Amy said...

You're not the last one...still haven't read it. I meant to do a bunch of reading over the summer. Stinkin nausea.

kelly said...

I loved them all and I was very pleased with how the last book ended. I don't think there will be a 5th, I think she wrapped it up nicely, quit while you're ahead right. The 1st book was my favorite and the 2nd my least favorite. As for the boys, I like them both, they are too different to compare. I like Edward for Bella though. I didn't think too much while reading about the cups of blood, I mean, I didn't imagine it or anything. I would not let my high school aged daughter read it, or younger, but they weren't intended for that audience. They are for young adults and older, so for that, I think no warning is necessary. If a teen did get a hold of or had parents that were fine, I don't feel that would be a big problem, it wasn't graphic and they were married. If anything, it lacked detail in that area! Overall, I was very pleased with all of the books and I am looking forward to reading The Host as soon as I get through my "to read" stack!

Jeremy said...

Yep- I rolled my eyes.

Sapp Family said...

I'm not sure if you already heard, but she has already started book 5. A copy of the rough draft illegally hit the internet. So she has not decided if she is going to finish it. I have the whole file if you want me to email it to you. It is about 250 pages and is a rough draft. It goes back to book one and is written from Edwards point of view. Let me know your email address if you want me to email you the file.