Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trevor's 10

Trevor turned 10 years old back in September. It must have been a busy time for us because this most important birthday did not make it onto the blog! Trevor is acting older and more mature every day. He loves all the new extracurricular doors that have opened for him at school, the prestige of being a 5th grader and a varsity football player, and has been reading the Harry Potter series and LOVING it! He's preparing to start babysitting for us and is very interested in cooking all of a sudden. He knows this is a major responsibility of a babysitter so he's been begging, "please, can I learn how to make mac and cheese??" at least once a week. These are all character traits of a boy that is growing up too quickly. I finally had to tell him to just slow down a bit and stop getting older already! We can hardly remember the days when he looked like this:
(You'll have to scroll up and down to get a great look at this baby picture compared to his birthday picture. Boy! Where has the time gone?!)

To recognize his aging process, Trevor had the traditional week of birthday celebrations.

1. He began with a birthday party with the Duran side of the family...

where he got a crisp $10 bill for being 10 years old,
a fancy schmancy new chess board game - his new passion thank you to Gramma Elizabeth,

and the most awesomest wonderful gift a 10 year old boy could ever want.... a BB gun.
Here are some of his cute party guests:

2. The next celebration was a party with the Ward side of the family (sorry no pictures from that one!) when we did all 5 September birthdays at one big party.

3. Then on to his actual birthday morning that began with a small family party, a pile of presents, and a cinnamon roll to start the day!
4. That night Trevor got to choose his favorite place to go out for his birthday dinner with mom and dad - his very own date night! He chose the greatest most best and delicious location of all time.... Me 'N' Ed's Pizza! It was divine dining and a perfect way to end his special day.

5. Trevor's last birthday celebration was a repeat from last year's party - Laser Quest. Trevor invited some good friends to come out for an evening of laser tag and fun.

We got to play 2 games back to back - It. Was. AWESOME! Even Jeremy and I got in there and ended up whooping all the kids. Who says adults can't have fun at a kid's party?
Trevor's menu item of choice for dinner was $5 footlongs from Subway. (Those ads and commercials must look so tantalizing on TV because those sandwiches are always requested at our house.)
We finished off the night with some cupcakes and mint & chip ice-cream - Trevor's favorite! - then headed home.

Laser Quest was a great finish to a week of celebrations.

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The Queen said...

Ok, now I don't feel quite so bad not having posted about James' birthday in October! lol ;)