Monday, November 16, 2009

Roxy Schwinn

Happy Birthday to me! (My birthday was the last week of October, but haven't had a chance yet to post about it.) Jeremy bought me the most beautiful new bike for my birthday. Isn't she lovely?! Beautiful white wall tires, chrome splash guard, and pink frame + the beach cruiser style I love = one happy birthday girl.

I'll always be young at heart if I can get this excited about a new bike, right? Even if I am officially the ripe ol' age of 31. Wow. That was OLD when I was a little girl. Can't say that I actually feel older, but I am nonetheless. But that's enough of the rambling about getting older. This is supposed to be about celebrating my new bike!

So wave hello if you ever see me and Jackson out for a ride during the day - you won't be able to miss us!


Unknown said...

happy belated birthday! howcome your makeup always looks so perfect??? you are so beautiful at 31! ;) enjoy

sueyado said... your pink bike! The best color ever! And happy birthday...even though I'm late! Hope it was great! :)