Sunday, November 22, 2009

BMX Bike Park

Trevor and Logan have found a new passion. Riding bikes at the BMX park. It's a great in-town location out at Woodward Park. The park itself is full of tons of professionally installed dirt mounds for doing all those cool bike tricks.

Got our helmets on for safety!

A few action shots...

And only one battle wound so far. Trevor tells us, "It doesn't hurt - just looks bad." He is toughening up!

The boys love going out there with their daddy. Jeremy equally enjoys spending time out there enjoying nature, biking, and quality time with his boys that are finally old enough to enjoy these types of activities. He's been looking forward to these moments since we first talked about having kids - finally a dream has come true!

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The Queen said...

James LOVES to BMX. He's got so many cuts and bruises. Yesterday he was lookin' at a bottle of Bengay saying, 'this helps with bruises, maybe I'll try it.' It was so funny.