Thursday, November 19, 2009

That's My Boy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trevor made his mama proud today. He sang in his first real choir performance! Several other elementary schools were there, all in uniform, and they even had to sing in front of 3 judges that scored their performance. They looked so sharp in their new tuxedo shirts, bow ties, and cumberbunds. And they sounded great! The first song they sang was in Latin - wow. That's huge for an elementary school choir! And the second was a fun Christmas song the kids really got into this one. Trevor is front and center - right in front of his music director and also got to stand next to his best buddy, Jacob. Trevor's other good friends are easy to spot. Jacob E. is also on the front row, as is Elder, and cousin Emma is up on the 3rd row (she's the cute blond in glasses).

Seeing Trevor up there took me back to all my years of singing in school. That was my thing. I LOVED singing in choir! I sang in every choir from elementary, to jr. high, to high school and even some in college - sometimes 3 or 4 different groups at a time! Watching him sing brought back so many fond memories. It was such a treat to see him perform. I hope to have this opportunity many times in the future. For now, we look forward to his Winter Program on December 8th.

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