Saturday, November 14, 2009

Goal of the Season!

It has been a great season for Logan. He's done so well this year in his progress and growth as a soccer player - he really is a great little soccer player! The games have always been positive, upbeat, and well played, but... they've never once won a game. They try their best every week and have never tasted the success that they work so hard for at practice each week. Well, today was Logan's second to last soccer game of the season. They played a team that they'd previously played and lost to.

It was a great game, both teams played hard (especially the other team as they pushed and shoved our kids around the entire time). Neither team had scored the entire game and the time was down to a minute left. Logan was in the right position at the the right time to nudge the ball past the goalie and into the goal. Our cheering section went nuts!! Logan looked shocked at himself and then grinned the biggest grin an 8-year-old boy can grin. Our coach threw in 2 subs and within 20 seconds the game was over. Logan scored the one and only goal of the soccer game and WE WON!! - our first win of the season!!

Way to go Logan! We are so proud of you for always trying your best and attacking that ball! Keep up the good work because there's only one game to go! You can do it!

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