Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Joy School Halloween Party!

The week of Halloween we did a Halloween Party for the preschool kids. They all came in costume - so excited to show off their stuff! We had a Star Wars Clone Trooper, Batman, Spiderman, a Robot, Dalmation, and James the Train come to the party! (Jackson loves to "read" this picture and tell whoever will listen all the names of the characters that came to his house for Halloween.)

After a quick group picture we hopped into the car (I use the word "hopped" very loosely... it took us about 15 minutes to first strap in 6 car seats and then each kid, one at a time - whew! That was some work! But made the drive over and back so much fun!) and headed over to the Pumpkin Patch. (You cannot see Jackson's head, but he was in there too; in the center back seat.)

We took a tour through a "Spooky Train" that was all decked out like a haunted house. Then headed over to check out all the different kinds of pumpkins. There were big ones, and small ones, and funky ones...

Then there was one that was the biggest one we'd ever seen! That thing was almost 4 feet tall!!

We had each kid pose for an individual shot - they are sooo cute!

Everyone got to pick out their own baby pumpkin and then we headed back to our house for a sugary celebration. When we got home we dove right in to our treats. First they had to sort out the candies by type, then frost the cookies, and decorate with any fun candies they wanted.
It was a very quiet celebration as they all took their time licking off the frosting and tasting every kind of candy.
What a great way to kick off the Halloween weekend!

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Amy said...

Sounds like a fun party! Um did you take all those kids BY YOUR SELF? You should have called me- Bella and I totally would have come with you. Yikes!