Monday, November 23, 2009

where's my trophy?

Logan's soccer season has officially come to an end. It was his first year playing "Under 10s" and a longer season. He had a blast at all the practices and games as he improved his soccer skills. He was lucky to have a talented coach that loves the sport.

The last game was quite intense. The crowd was on it's feet for most of the game. The other team scored a goal in the first half and with a minute left in the game our team also scored a goal. Wow. The energy was thrilling! The game ended with a tied score 1 - 1. And we were all happy with that. They played their best and that's exactly what we're after.
Here's one last picture with Logan and daddy, who was one of the assistant coaches this year, happy with their performance and happy it's come to have finished with such great effort!

Way to go Logan! You are our soccer superstar! (And don't'll get your trophy in one week at the team party.)

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