Saturday, May 1, 2010


Lizzie's tooth has been wiggly for over a month now. She hasn't made a big deal out if it and never complained one bit. The wiggly tooth was just a fact of life. Until Monday night.

She was sitting on daddy's lap watching Logan's baseball game. Daddy decides to "test the wigglyness" of Lizzie's tooth and what happened? He pulled the whole thing right out! I don't know if it hurt, but the stunned look on her face was priceless. It started to bleed a little, of course, so she held a napkin to the empty space in her gums for about 15 minutes.

When she could finally speak again, it was the cutest thing I'd ever heard! She most definitely has a little lisp! It's been fun to watch her show of her new look and figure out what to do with her tongue while she talks. Her new name is Toothless. But if she says it, it's Toofless. Say hello to Ms. Toofless!

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