Friday, May 28, 2010

DI Day 2

Travelogue for the experience that is destination imagination- Day 2. A good nights sleep made all the difference for our group. We officially kicked off the competition today as our kids did their instant challenge portion of the competition.

They only allowed one coach inside and so Matt and I opted for Jared as he has not had a chance to watch the kids perform in the instant challenge yet. The DI people did a good job of pumping the kids up and getting them excited for the competition, which was good as their brains were still on vacation mode. After doing a little singing and dancing, they ran through the "tunnel of power" made by the parents and on into the challenge.

The kids are sworn to secrecy, s0 we don't know much about the competition, but they seemed to feel pretty good about how they performed. Each group is supposed to perform a "ta-da" as they re-emerge from their instant challenge. Our group did their team name introduction title and then did some mission to mars and finding old, ugly people improv performance. I would be lying if I didn't say that it was a little like watching the office, painful at times.

We then headed down to the convention center for the thing that the kids had been waiting for all day... pin trading.

Jared getting a little frisky with matt...

Difficult to understand unless you witness it, but pin trading is huge for the Di kids. You have never seen so much haggling, bargaining and manipulation in action amongst a group of kids in your life. Our kids loved it. Here are some highlights:

After dinner, the kids headed back to the aquatic center for some more pool time.

You know that your tired when the dorm beds are feeling comfortable.

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jennifer said...

cool pins, trevor!! which ones are your favorite?