Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cake? We don't need no stinking CAKE!

Logan is our no-sweets man. He does not like anything sweet. No sugar. No candy. No soda. No cookies, cake, pie, ice cream or anything resembling dessert whatsoever. Not even fruits and some veggies that naturally have a lot of sugar.

What do we do when it's time for birthday cake, you ask? Well.... we improvise!

Logan had many birthday celebrations this weekend. And needed a "cake" for each event. Here are our perfect improvisations - perfect because they are all foods that Logan LOVES!

Cake #1 - Pillsbury Toaster Scramblers

Cake #2 - $5 footlong from Subway
Cake #3 - Chicken Patties

Cake #4 - French Fry Cake!

Logan likes having a unique cake unlike anyone else he knows. He also likes being able to actually EAT his own "birthday cake". Finally we have figured out how to make this birthday boy happy on his special day!


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

The French Fry is may fave...the first cake I've ever seen that would be delicious with ketchup ;)

Rachel said...

What a very clever idea! Glad he enjoyed his special day.