Saturday, May 29, 2010

The many mini-parties of Logan's Birthday

Logan's 9th Birthday was a jam-packed fun-filled EVENT!

#1 His birthday celebrations began a couple of days before his birthday. Jeremy and I took him out for his special date night dinner. He chose to eat dinner at the DOG HOUSE GRILL. Yeah, it was Awesome.

#2 The next day was still not his birthday, but he wanted to bring treats to his class at school anyway. He had a short party in class and fed all the kids his favorite snack - FLAMIN' HOT CHEETOS!

#3 Saturday morning (his actual birthday) he woke to a family birthday party and the traditional pile of presents! Check out his new razor rip stick scooter he picked out for himself on his birthday date with mom and dad.

#4 A couple of hours after his family party was his final baseball game. He got to play in the championship game for his league. And guess what.... THEY WON! WOO HOOOO! First place to the Dodgers on Logan's birthday!! What a great birthday gift to be #1! Of course he had a celebration lunch following the game - check out his intense chomping down on the sandwich of sweet satisfaction and success.

#5 Later that night was Logan's friend birthday party. He wanted to do a laser tag party like Trevor's done in the past because they are SO MUCH FUN! Those boys were so eager to have a fun time and their energy was contagious. We formed ranks inside the arena and worked together to take down the big kids/adults that were our opponents. SWARM SWARM SWARM! ATTACK!!! We've got to get back there soon. :)

#6 Sunday night was Logan's time with our extended family. The Durans came over for some delicious chicken patty sandwiches for dinner and then presented Logan with his presents. All Logan asked for on his birthday wish list this year was CA$H. He had a larger gift in mind for himself. And he got EXACTLY what he asked for! (No worries, that string of cash was all ones. Thank you, Grandma!)

#7 The final party happened immediately after the Duran family celebration. The Ward family also got together on this same day to celebrate all of the birthdays in May. Count the # of cakes. Yep, there were 5! That was a lot of cake.

#8 The very next day Logan spent his birthday CA$H. He had enough money from birthday presents and his savings to go to Costco (for our FHE activity) and purchase his very own ipod Touch. Wow. That boy owns a fancier ipod than his mama! He is quite proud of his new baby. He's still learning his way around the menus, but is totally and thoroughly enjoying his toy that he purchased for himself.

It was a whirlwind weekend full of sooo many celebrations. We can just go ahead and call it "The Great Weekend of LOGAN". Logan, we love you and hope you felt loved and special! Happy Birthday, Logie Man!

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