Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easter Morn 2010

Easter morning was different from all other years. This morning was also General Conference for our church. It's a rarity for these 2 events to happen on the same day. Rare, and terrific at the same time. General Conference is when the leaders of our church speak to the entire membership of the church via satellite or internet. We get to stay home and watch church on TV! Our kids love these Sundays that only occur twice a year. Because of General Conference we were able to spend lots of quality time together and be uplifted at the same time. We like to spend time together as a family on holidays and this day was the perfect opportunity for that.

We did all of our traditional Easter morning activities first thing. We began with the presentation of the Easter Baskets...

...followed by our traditional Easter Egg Hunt. (See video below.) I think we may try a new idea next year - we'll do the hunt for the younger kids, but I found a great idea for an "Easter Egg Drop" that the older kids (and adults) would absolutely LOVE.

Jeremy was feeling domestic after having been off work for almost a week. He really wanted to make something special for Easter/Conference morning. And here it is! A homemade from scratch Strawberry Pizza. Oh man. It was soooo good! He made every last bit of that pizza himself. I didn't step in once to help out. He is a great baker. Yeah, it's one of his hidden talents.

. .

Jeremy and I made sticky buns the night before. And I put together some sausage gravy and homemade biscuits in the morning. It was a most delicious breakfast. Full of all our favorite foods! Thomas and Amy brought homemade donuts to go with it - it was HEAVEN!!

We finished up with all of our Easter morning traditions and feasting on our carbalicious breakfast just in time to watch Conference. Here are some of the highlights of the meetings. They are bold and to the point, but that is what we need these days. The messages are full of love and guidance from our leaders. They are meant to inspire us to do better to improve ourselves.

From our home to yours: Happy Easter!

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