Monday, May 10, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Rocks!

As part of our Mother/Daughter Date Night Lizzie and I got to go see the Tooth Fairy movie at the $3 theater! This movie was released on DVD 3 days after we saw it at the theater.

Lizzie and I both thoroughly enjoyed this show. It was a perfect family film. The humor was cheezy (you have to expect that), there were fairies for girls, sports and guitars for boys, and Dwayne Johnson in tights for the adults to hee haw at.

The funniest part of the show was the amnesia powder - the Tooth Fairy hits an entire family with too much powder and they couldn't remember a thing! I laughed so hard I snorted! Maybe I was just so giddy to be out with the girls... but really, it was so funny. :)

Billy Crystal, Julie Andrews, and Ashley Judd also starred in this show. It was like seeing old friends on the big screen again. And whoever the guy was that played the "tooth fairy trainer" was good too - a little creepy looking at times, but definitely funny with his British accent.

The moral of the story will leave parents satisfied. The movie wraps up nice and warm and fuzzy in the end. Everyone will still believe in the Tooth Fairy and in themselves.

We give it 4 tubes of shrinking paste out of 5. Enjoy this movie with your kids - you won't be disappointed.

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sueyado said...

Amnesia dust!!! Best part of the movie! We also loved it and laughed throughout!