Friday, April 30, 2010

Will you go to PARIS with me?

Actually, it was a Paris themed Prom, but YES, we did go!

Our church sponsored an LDS Prom for the 16 - 18 year old kids in our area. It was designed to be a fun alternative to the regular school proms - a place where kids that belong to our church (and their friends) could come and not have to worry about compromising their standards. We all thought it was a GREAT idea and hope they continue this dance as a tradition for years to come.

We were invited to come chaperone the dance. We really didn't have to do much. Those were some really good kids that didn't really need to be looked after. We basically spent the evening together, chatting with our friends, and playing apps on Jeremy's ipod the whole night. So really, it was like a date for us too! Especially since we went to dinner before - sushi! My new preferred out-to-dinner indulgence. My favorite part was the dancing. We rarely get to dance anymore so that was a delightful pleasure.

The picture taking was also fun. This photographer was fabulous! He came with lots of silly props for the kids to wear in their photo shoot. We got to sit on a cute bike with a fan blowing our hair and scarves. Check out our cute pictures below:

Awww... who doesn't love a good prom picture?

The traditional group pic with our friends

The boys thought they were so funny... ha. ha. ha.

This picture was my #1 favorite of the evening. I laugh out loud whenever I look at it! These guys were the leaders in charge of the dance. Do they have a great sense of humor or what?!
It was a great night. Something different than our usual date night. And, if he asks me, I will definitely go to prom with my hubby again!


Kristin said...

Those photos are pure awesomeness. What a fun night, and a great idea!

Luna said...

Th e"Mormon Prom" Seems to be popping up everywhere is this the 4th one I have heard about across the country. I think it is GREAT! And those pictures are awesome!