Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jackson's 4th

Jackson's birthday has come and gone. And here's a shocker for you... we did NOT do a week-long celebration! We jam-packed his big day and slammed everything we usually do for birthdays all in one wham bam super celebration day!

He woke to the traditional pile of presents and donuts (as requested) for breakfast. Watch out for that birthday blowing out of the candles moment - that's classic Jackson for you.

After all the kids headed to school, Jackson and mommy planned out a fun day all about Jackson! We laid around in our jammies for awhile playing Wii, enjoyed a quick visit with Grandma Elizabeth and Grandpa Louie who brought over a fun balloon treat for the birthday boy, and ate the rest of those donuts before heading out for a visit with Nanny Boggs (that's Jackson's Great Grandma). She had a special choo-choo train waiting for him. She was moving out of her apartment the next day and we got to take the tour of the place and say goodbye to everyone with her.

Jackson had been asking ALL WEEK to go to the gas station to buy a treat. We finally headed out to grant his wish and use the gas station as one of his birthday gifts. He chose a cool nerf shooting gun and a single serving tub of Dibs ice cream. It's the little things in life that bring him the most pleasure... oh, to be 4 again.... It was time for lunch about then, and we had planned to go to his restaurant of choice - Me N Eds. Now, I know what you're thinking, but NO, I did NOT influence that choice one bit. He LOVES pizza. It's his favorite food - he'd eat it every day if we let him.

After lunch we stopped at the Build-A-Bear Workshop for another birthday gift. He watched Lizzie get hers for her birthday and he requested the same for his. He picked out exactly what he wanted and we were out of there in less than 15 minutes! What a difference between boys and girls! He named his bear "BuildABearHugsAndKisses". Awwwww.... he has a soft sweet spot after all!

We ran home to collect the kids and meet daddy over at the miniature golf course (a.k.a. our new family favorite hang-out). Jackson also requested golf for his bday fun. I'm telling you, this boy KNOWS what he wants! And he REALLY wanted that hole-in-one on the 18th hole to get his FREE icee! And, no surprise, it didn't go in. Even with all their not-so-honest efforts.

After a fun round of golfing goodness we made our way over to the Dog House Grill (a.k.a. our family favorite eatery). I have to admit that we may have coerced him into choosing this location. That tri-tip sandwich was the "icing on the cake" to a great day. (All puns intended, naturally.)

There was a sweet race on the way home - as there always is when we are in separate cars. The winner is the first person to touch the front door.

It was a sweet sweet victory for mama's car. We love beating daddy any chance we get! We made our way into the house to finish off the day with a final happy birthday singing by the cousins. It's never truly a party until the cousins arrive.

Jackson went to bed a happy boy that night. We're still working on the question, "How old are you?" He'll put up four fingers, but will say, "Three!" instead of four. It's amazing how time flies. Happy Birthday, Jackson boy. That was a GREAT day.

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Carroll Berrett said...

Can I have my next birthday at your house?? Sounds like a ton of fun!