Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The best part of Easter dinner...

Easter dinner was at my parent's house this year. The Durans. Mom and Dad are always such gracious hosts. They cook and clean all day to make us feel at home while we're there. They love us with food and comfort.

The babies arrived at about the same time and my dad couldn't resist. He LOVES being a grandpa! Mason and Bella were being so cute that we had to snap a few shots before we began our feast. They were both decked out in their fancy new Easter duds. Mason really was smiling, I promise! I just couldn't get him at just the right moment!

Mom and Dad are in the middle of some renovations and the family room was feeling quite sparse. Most of the furniture has been moved out of the room including the flooring - leaving only the exposed plywood for now. Mom/Grandma Elizabeth is always so good about entertaining us - well, mostly she likes to entertain her grandkids, but sometimes the activities she plans are appropriate for ALL ages! Tonight was just one of those times! She took advantage of that exposed plywood by giving all of us a sharpie marker and letting us go hog wild on that floor! The kids had a great time signing their names and feeling a bit naughty for writing on the house with a sharpie, but loved every minute of it. Even Jeremy couldn't help himself. He had to show some home-town pride.

We did eat a delicious dinner that night. Mmmmm... tri tip... it was tasty. We even had a little birthday party for all the the birthdays that happened that week. There was, as usual, way too much food. (Note to self: less dessert needed at Easter dinner - Easter candy ruins all need for sweets after dinner.) We all rolled out of there stuffed to the brim and all sugared up. We do love to eat. :) But the best part of the night was just being together.

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