Friday, April 16, 2010

Followin' a rainbow

We had a day of thunderstorms and lightning. (Jackson thought the lightning was pretty cool - he kept searching the sky for Lightning McQueen...) The rainbowS that came afterward were AMAZING! My pictures of the sky never do it justice, but you can get a little taste of what we saw anyway. We had a view of the entire arc. Wow. (The double rainbow is pretty faint in this picture, but you can still see it if you look close enough.)

This shot is the best of the double rainbow. Those colors were so vibrant! The kids were rattling off every color they saw. And they could see them all!

The expressions on their faces are just priceless. Sheer awe and joy as they marveled at that natural beauty.

There was talk of following the rainbow to find the pot of gold at the end. Finally, these boys get it. There really is no pot of gold. The real treasure is in the rainbow itself! We heart rainbows!

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