Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trevor turns ELEVEN!

Trevor's 11th birthday was last month. He had the traditional awesome week-long celebration. Here are some of the fun things he did:

1. Woke up to a birthday party, a pile of presents, and donuts in place of cake

2. Went out to lunch (during school!!) with his best buddies to Panda Express

3. Had a birthday party at McDonald's with the Durans

4. His friend party was a NERF Battle Royale, followed with pizza and a movie at home

It is hard to believe that this boy is 11 years old already! Where has the time gone? We like to measure the kids' height along with their age each year. It gives us a better reality of how much they've grown - physically and in maturity. Check out our measuring board here:

On the morning of his 11th birthday we measured Trevor. He had grown 3 inches in one year! He is officially 5' 1". Good grief! He is only 5 inches shorter than his mama! When did he turn into a person instead of a kid? To prove that Trevor is on his way out of childhood and into adolescence, here is a list of some of Trevor's interests these days:

nerf guns
xbox - halo original game
reading - action packed books and/or fantasy
talking with his buddies
learning how to babysit
11 year old scouts
golf, snow skiing

That list is full of all things boy, for sure, and also things that teenagers enjoy. Seriously, he LOVES reading!

We tried making a deal with Trevor this year. The deal was this: instead of getting older on birthdays, he would age backwards and get younger instead. He's grown up so fast that we want to reverse time to go back to when he was younger. Trevor was not going for it. He would rather be 11 than 9 this year. Bummer!

It is true what they say, "they really do grow up so fast."

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