Wednesday, October 6, 2010

San Diego Children's Museum

In August our family took a week-long trip down to San Diego. Jeremy was in a conference most of the week so the kids and I took advantage of our time and headed out on the town. Our first stop was the San Deigo Children's Museum.

This children's museum was awesome! Everything was interactive and all of the activities were included with your paid admission. Here were some of the fun exhibits:

Chariot Races

Barn Crafting

City Blocks
you're never to old to play with blocks...

Sculpture Painting

Clay Sculpting

Downstairs was the bounce house. Next to the bounce house stood this enormous beautiful scroll work structure! It was like a massive birdcage - minus the birds. Beautiful, eh?

Rock Wall

After all that fun we headed outside for a lunch break. This little park was where Trevor uttered the classic line regarding all the homeless fellows in the park, "Shhh... the people are trying to take their naps." Oh, it was a sweet moment. He didn't want to wake them! That's my boy - he knows that sleep is an essential part of life.

We found out later that this park was directly across the street from where they hold the annual Comic Con! Someday we WILL attend that gathering. And now we know where it is!

Whenever we get the chance to visit a children's museum I'm always reminded that there is a kid that lives inside all of us. Even our older boys that are slowly becoming "too cool" for whatever-silly-actitivity-mommy-has-planned enjoy playing, or crafting, or building, or painting. It was a great day trip and we recommend it to any family making a trip to San Diego.

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