Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Logan the runner

Logan has begun his first season of Cross Country running. He had his first invitational meet at the high school a month ago and surprise to us all - LOGAN WON HIS FIRST RACE! He came in first place while competing against several other schools! Wow!

Logan has had Cross Country meets almost every week since that first race. And he has done very well at every one. We like to brag that he's collected all the first, second, and 3rd place honors in gold, silver, and bronze. He is lightning fast!

He enjoys running and he also enjoys winning. He has expressed concern that it is a lot of pressure to win and he gets really nervous before he runs. We always remind him that we don't care if he wins or not (it is exciting when he wins - that's for sure), but that we simply want him to do his best out there. "You can come in last place every single time. We don't care what place you get, just as long as you don't give up and try your best," we like to tell him. That's all that matters to us.

And we will always be seen cheering our running boy. Go Logan, Go!

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