Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Superstar Lizzie!

Lizzie is the "Superstar of the Week" in her kindergarten class this week. She was bouncing off the walls yesterday as we prepared for this special event. As Superstar in K1 you get to:

1. bring in a huge star-shaped poster full of pictures all about yourself,
2. share a something special about you each day of the week, and
3. provide food for snack time each day.

She decided she'd like to make a little movie all about Lizzie as one of her items to share with the class. (Thank you cousin Benny for being the Superstar first and giving Lizzie this brilliant inspiration!) Here's what she and daddy came up with. It's very cute and totally Lizzie.


Amy said...

Congratulations Lizzy! That is SO awesome! I especially love that you get to bring snacks in to your class everyday this week. How awesome for your teacher! ;) And I LOVE your video with all your pictures. Your such a cute girl!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

HAHA A diva in the making. Can't blame her with all those brothers ;)