Friday, October 30, 2009

D.C. Day 1

Hello cyberland. It has been sometime since I have posted, I'm a little rusty, but here goes. So Jennifer and I are visiting Washington DC for the next couple of days in connection with a school event (my school was given the National Blue Ribbon Award).

We promised the kids that we would be sending them photos over the next few days to keep them updated as to our activities. The next couple of days will be dedicated to keep in touch with the kids by sharing our activities, so it will sound a little scaled down. So Trevor, Logan, Lizzie and Jackson (hi guys!) take a seat because this is day 1 of our trip!

I took this picture from the airplane as the sun was rising- it was soo pretty!

This picture was taken from about 30,000 feet in the air. Man that's high up! Look at those cool clouds.

Here we are in the airplane, we looked tired don't we!

Here's mom on the subway after we landed in Washington DC. The subway is the train that goes underground. The call the subway the metro here.

We finially made it to our hotel. It is in a really cool spot in downtown Washington, just a couple blocks from...

The Whitehouse! That's right, we visited the whitehouse tonight. They wouldn't let us in to say hi to the president, but it was still pretty cool to see it.

Here's mommy and daddy in the front of the Whitehouse (not the best picture I know)

We walked all over the city tonight and saw some really cool things. One place we walked by was the FBI! It was a really big building. That's where they catch all the bad guys.

We also walked right by a famous landmark called the Washington Moument. Man it was tall! Were going to go inside and go all the way to the top in a couple of days.

We hope that the Halloween party was fun with grandma and grandpa! We'll talk to everyone soon! Be looking for more pictures tomorrow night!

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Pollock Palooza said...

weren't you just in NY last month?! Okay maybe it was a little longer than that. Looks like SO much fun!