Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fifth Grade First Football Experience

As a 5th grader at Trevor's school the sports opportunities open up nice and wide. Last year, as a 4th grader, only Cross Country was available. But now, he can do football in the fall! All of his friends had been talking "football this" and "football that" all summer long so he decided it might be fun if they're all doing it together.

The season has begun and it has been a challenge. It is hot out there during practice and games + all the pads and helmet makes for one miserable experience. And it's been a lot of hard work. Up and down, back and forth, push and shove - these are not Trevor's normal fun activities. He is more of the mellow, hang out, not so physical type of kid. He has been stretched and pulled into this sport and finally he is enjoying himself.

The first surprise of the season came when the coach put Trevor and his best friend/cousin Jacob on the Varsity team. What?! Jeremy and I were so surprised. He just started learning the game - how could he be that good already? We had to clarify that he really was on Varsity and guess what - he is!

Trevor is number 78. He plays on the offensive team as a blocker/lineman (- hopefully that's right. I plead ignorant mom, here. I can never keep all those positions straight!). Jacob is number 85. They stand on the line right next to each other. The coaches have nicknamed them Tank and Clank. Trevor is Clank and Jacob is Tank.

These pictures are from Trevor's first time in uniform on the field at the football carnival where they played 3 separate games - which they won, by the way, every. single. game. UNDEFEATED BABY! You can easily see Trevor by his light green shirt he has on under his jersey - it's hanging out in every shot. He's doing a great job holding 'em off in this one!

Here's a short video from that day. There are 2 plays - the first they make a touchdown and the second shows Trevor doing some awesome blocking.

These boys were so nervous before the game. Those nerves lasted until they had finished and removed their helmets. They had won after all and felt like hot stuff in their uniforms.

Check out the relief/pride on this face. He felt so good after playing in his first game. He did it!
Trevor, we are proud of you for choosing to try something new and sticking with it! You are doing great in your first season of football and know you'll finish it out with all you've got.Way to go Trevor!

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