Saturday, October 31, 2009

D.C Day 2 (Colonial Williamsburg)

Hey kids! Happy Halloween! Today, we did some fun things for Halloween. No, we didn't dress up, but we did see people dressed in costumes in a place called Colonial Williamsburg. This place we visited is all about the people that lived in America long long ago. There were no cars, no TVs, no phones, and no light bulbs!

Here's mommy on the way down to the subway system called the Metro, here in Washington D.C. We're on our way to rent a car and then drive to Colonial Williamsburg.

We made it to Williamsburg! Here are a bunch of picture from our visit there:

We began outside the governor's castle. This lady was the house cook for the governor. She spent all day in the kitchen cooking. She was getting ready to cook dinner in a pumpkin for Halloween. Check out her huge fireplace! And that black hole on the far left of the picture is the oven she used for baking.
Here's a picture of something the governor would have eaten for dinner - COW TONGUE! Ew! That is a real cow tongue by the way.
That big house behind daddy is where the governor lived. It was a mansion! Everyone else that lived during this time had little tiny houses with dirt floors and only 2 rooms.

Here's a close up of the front gate entrance. That's a lion statue on the left and a unicorn on the right. So fancy!

When we walked into the front door this is what greeted us - weapons! There were hundreds and hundreds of guns and swords all around this entry way and all the way up the walls to the ceiling.

Daddy thought it would be funny to take a picture of the toilets they used. This one was the fanciest we saw all day. All the rest of them were just little pots tucked away underneath the beds.

This guy played a beautiful song for us in the ballroom where they used to hold dances and big parties.
Check out the color they painted the walls - bright green!
Our favorite part of this whole day was out behind the governor's palace. He had gardens and gardens and gardens!

Pretty fences and hedges everywhere...
The back gate and view of the back of the house...

More beautiful vines and trellises - check out the changing colors of the leaves.
After the governor's palace we toured the rest of the town. Here's the spookiest thing we did for Halloween - visit a graveyard.
We saw a parade with drums and fifes! Check out their cool outfits.

Here's an authentic horse and carriage ride...
Saw so many beautiful homes...
This is where they'd chain up the people that didn't pay their taxes to humiliate them in front of the entire town!
Daddy had some corn chowder for lunch at this place.
We watched a reenactment of a guy that almost got tarred and feathered!
Ahhh.... the beautiful fall colors. Aren't they lovely?!
We finished our tour of the town at the House of Burgesses. This was the town capital where they made all kinds of important decisions about how our country would be run.

Our day at Williamsburg ended with this reenactment. The canon fire was so loud!

We drove 2 hours back to our hotel and by the time we got there we were HUNGRY! It was 10 o'clock at night, but we went out for a burger and fries at this local diner. Mmmmm - it was tasty! And then it was time to say goodnight.

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