Friday, October 9, 2009

kids say the darndest things

Lizzie: Mommy I want to go to Campus Club.

Me: I'm sorry sweetie, you don't get to go to Campus Club. Lizzie, do you know why you don't go to Campus Club?

Lizzie: Why?

Me: Campus Club is a place for kids to go when their mommies and daddies are at work. You don't get to go to Campus club because I don't go to work - I get to stay home with you and take care of you!

Lizzie: Mom (in her sassy teenager voice), you need to go to work so I can go to Campus Club!


Maree said...

We have had that same conversation SO many times!

Anonymous said...

my mom used to drive past a kinder kare playground and i'd tell her "i want to go there! please!" she would reply, "no, that's for kids whose mommies can't take care of them because they're working. don't you like that your mommy plays with you?" "no! i want to play on that giant pumpkin!"

Evie said...

I can HEAR Lizzie saying that! She's like DW...big girl brain, little girl body.

kelly said...

My kids have asked for that too. The best though was when Jacob asked to go to speech (as in speech therapy for kids who need help speaking correctly) last year because his friend went!

haley said...

My kids have said that before so one summer I enrolled them for a couple of days a week thinking that they would enjoy it and it would be something to keep us all a little more on track. They hated it! I will never do it again! I know it serves a purpose when needed but I think your kids will appreciate all you do someday if not today!