Friday, June 12, 2009

"What time is it? Sum-mah time!"

I loved Rebecca's post about their last day of school so I thought it would be fun to do the same and take some pictures of the boys before they headed out the door this morning. These boys were so excited for the last day of school today. Can you see the excitement flowing through their faces? That semi-tanned skin, the wrinkled shirt, the lazy grins - they are in summer mode already. Awesome.

Note the hair-dos here... no spikes, no nervous half smiles. So much less pressure from the first day of school. Who knows if they even brushed their teeth before they left...

Here was Trevor's face when I showed him the two GINORMOUS gift bags full of cute teacher gifts he was going to have to carry all the way down the street, to the bus, and onto campus in front of all his friends.... oh, the humiliation! I could hear his mind screaming at me, "Mom, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"

And here are the gifts I made yesterday (thank you again to Rebecca for this idea - although I think hers turned out cuter than mine):

It's been a great year. The boys got lots of support from their teachers and finished out great. The awards assembly was last week and both boys got 2 awards. Both got perfect attendance for the 4th quarter - without even trying! Logan got the highest Physical Fitness Award/golden medal. And Trevor received High Honor Roll for the first time ever!
We are proud of you boys for trying hard and always doing your best. We're going to have a great summer!

WOO HOO! Last day of school! Bye-bye 2nd grade! So long 4th grade!


Seamons Family said...

Your frame turned out so cute! What a great idea that was!! =)

Older and Wisor said...

What are you talking about? I love it!

By the way, my boys did the same thing: all excited that I had something for their beloved teacher, but completely unwilling to carry it.

kelly said...

Cute, and I am sooo ready for summer. Come Monday morning, I'm getting up when Peyton wakes me up and not a minute sooner!