Friday, June 5, 2009

Disneyland withOUT kids

Here are some fun pictures from our trip to Disneyland. And when I say "our" I mean just Jeremy and me. The children stayed home with the Grandmas and Grandpas so we could go all by our lonesomes.

It was the perfect weekend. The weather was overcast and cool and the crowds were not so crazy. We were excited to be there, but we were not as excited as others... there was this guy, just before the park opened. He kept yelling at the top of his lungs, "DISNEYLAND! WOOOOO!" Now mind you, there were tons of people standing around him. He was not ashamed of his excitement. He belted it out for all to hear. No one started cheering along with him, but it did bring a wave of extra anticipation through the crowd and a smile to all of our faces. Who said Disneyland is magical just for children?

And, speaking of children... there were so few kids at the park! How long have all you adults kept this little secret to yourselves? How did YOU ALL know that Disneyland could be so much fun even without the kids? We had a great time being all by ourselves, riding any ride we wanted, only a couple of bathroom breaks, no fighting the crowds with strollers, snacks and bags. We were so carefree - like a couple of newlyweds whispering and laughing with each other. Only those who have a house full of monkeys can know that feeling of freedom that comes with a getaway like this one. It was fabulous.

Having said all those things about spending time alone... would we wish to always vacation this way? No.

Will we bring our kids with us to Disneyland next time? Yes.

Is Disneyland really better without kids? No.

[Can you call me a "question talker"? Yes. But only for a moment.]

If you have never experienced Disneyland with children then you have not really experienced the magic. (And they were all sorely disappointed that they were not invited on this trip. So we will not do that to them again for a VERY LONG TIME.)

For now, we can all enjoy some pictures of Jeremy and Jennifer acting like a couple of kids at Disneyland and CA Adventure. (And watch out for that Monte Cristo sandwich - it WILL make you salivate!)


kelly said...

I want to go!!!! I looked at all of your pictures, twice. Is that pitiful? I really love that place. I would be the person yelling "DISNEYLAND WOOOOO!"

Krissy said...

We've taken the kids 3 times, and we've gone on our own once. It is so much fun both ways....but a different kind of fun. So, I totally know what you mean.