Monday, June 15, 2009

And heeere we go!

I think we're officially ready for summer!

We have our chore list. Check.

We have our "what to do if you're bored" list. Check.

We have our schedule in place. Water Polo. Swim Club. Tutoring. Piano lessons. Check. Check. Check. Check.

Our daily and weekly incentive programs are set. Check and check!

Let's do this thang!! ("This thang" meaning summer vacation of course.)


Anonymous said...

hey girl! I need a better system! how do you do the charts exactly and whats on them? they look so cute and effecient! tell me more!

Older and Wisor said...

You saved the document and emailed it to me....right??? Clean dishes and trash are the only chores that my kids are responsible for (aside from cleaning their room, which certainly isn't daily).

haley said...

Can I get in on that email!! This is exactly what I'm planning but haven't actually made the charts...way to go Jennifer!

kelly said...

Ok, I stole your mom bucks idea and it is working smashingly, thank you very much. Now, can I have a copy of what to do when you're bored?

Elizabeth said...

Made my chore charts, but they are not as cute as yours. Send all the info. my way! You are always so on the ball and fashionable doing it!

Maree said...

Yeah, I'm going to want the "what to do when we're bored" list. That's genius! Please, PLEASE, PLEASE?!