Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bye-Bye Reids

Last week was great. Jeremy's sister came into town - well, to be fair, both of his sisters came into town, but Kristen ended up staying for a full week. They were here for the whirlwind that was last weekend. There was a baby shower, 2 birthday parties, a baptism, a dinner party, a wedding luncheon and reception, confirmation the following day, a baby blessing, and one final luncheon. Whew! What a weekend! Did you count? That was 10 activities in a 2 1/2 day period! Goodness!

Anyway, the point of this post was not to gawk at that crazy schedule, but to reminisce about the lovely week that followed the madness. Kristen's two boys are the same age as our Lizzie (5) and Jackson (3). These cousins had an absolute blast hanging out all week. Ryan and Lizzie were thick as thieves playing dress-up, Wii, and planning sleepovers.

Jackson and Tyler would also probably call the other their BFF (if they had any concept of the term). Those 2 boys were 2 peas in a pod. They played trains, watched Wall-E and Thomas the Train to their hearts' content! Kristen and I both commented on just how well they play together for 2 boys their age. They rarely fought and genuinely enjoyed the other's company.

It was great to visit with Kristen too. She's 8 months pregnant and you all know how I LOVE the pregnant belly! She looks so great pregnant - I just hope we get to see her pregnant belly several more times. And we can't wait to meet baby "Sally Sparkle" in another month or so. Here are some great shots from her family baby shower.

That evening was so fun to hang out with just the girls! Kristen got so many fun pink things - I think her head was swimming a bit from it all. That baby girl is already so loved.

It was great to have you guys at the houses for a week. We'll miss you guys!


Kristen said...

Oh thanks Jen. :) We had a great time this last week as well. Ryan is already planning our return. There was even some tears when describing how much he missed his cousins. We love you guys and wished we lived closer!

Yvette B said...

Those are lovely pictures, Jennifer~It's so wonderful to have a big family around to enjoy the events. BTW-how DID all the events take place in that amount of time? That HAS to be a record.

kelly said...

Peyton has that last outfit, I love it. I can't believe how busy your weekend was. I think I would mentally and physically shut down.

Kelly said...

Are you alive Jennifer? You must be really busy or something.

Kelly said...

Are you alive Jennifer? You must be really busy or something.