Monday, March 23, 2009

Jackson and the TP

Sorry, no picture for this one. This story goes down about the same as the last one with the cereal... I was next door talking to Kari for literally LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. Lizzie comes running in and whispers in my ear, "Jackson made water all over the floor in the bathroom." I nod at her and send her out the door so I can finish my conversation with Kari. I head back home and walk into the downstairs bathroom to find:

1. the sink STUFFED and completely clogged with toilet paper
2. the water running
3. water flowing onto the floor
4. about an inch of water waiting to be mopped up

Reminisce for a moment back to this story. (Click here to read other past adventures with Jackson and too much water on the bathroom floor.) Jeremy has already replaced the floor in this bathroom due to Jackson's shenanigans. The laminate apparently does not do well with water. In fact, it buckles and warps like you would not believe.

So, already knowing the damage that could be done to the still existing laminate out in the hallway, I began mopping up that water as quickly as possible. Once all the water was off the ground then came the laminate test. (Step on the floor boards and see if any water comes up through the seams.) One, two, cross my fingers, three... "Squish." Aw, man. Not the sound I wanted to hear. So, I stood there and "squished" as much water up and out from under the floorboards as I could hoping to high heavens that the water would not damage the floor too badly. (Jeremy does not need one more project right now, people.)

I did my best and hoped for the best, but Jackson still got me in the end. The water had gotten all the way to the door that leads out to the garage. Jeremy walked in the door from work and within 5 minutes noticed that edge was bowed and warped nicely from the water damage.

I know it's silly, but I honestly thought that the older he got, the less we'd see of these pranks. He'll be 3 next month so I guess that means we're out of the terrible twos and on to the terrible threes.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Locks. And lots of them.

Yeah, as if I can even talk.

Luna said...

I think I have a little Jackson of my own, but we call him Eli. It is hard to read, but it sounds like I have another year of his "experiments"

sueyado said...

Jennifer, I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you! It sounds hilarous from the outside, but I know I wouldn't be laughing too hard if my floor was ruined! Just keep laughing!

kelly said...

Oh boy, I think I might go crazy. You are so clam and loving. At least he provides good blogging material...and he's so cute.

Laura Keith said...

I'm sooooo sorry! Some kids... one day you really will look back and laugh!