Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're going green!

Due to scheduling conflicts we did our St. Patrick's Day celebration last night instead of today.

Here were our party guests: (Don't they all look fab in their party hats!?)

The festive decor:

- A "Rainbow" Chandelier

- A pot of gold for the centerpiece (UNDER our rainbow chandelier)
- rainbow fruit kabob bouquet
- gold coins sprinkled on the tablecloth
- green table runner
- green cups
- shamrock paper Dixie plates
- party hats

The delicious menu:

Green Waffles! (With our NEW 4 square waffle maker! All the ones we got for our wedding died this year - they lasted 11 years.)

Our traditional "Green Eggs & Ham"

Jeremy's favorite - GREEN milk!

Rainbow fruit kabobs - note the authentic Irish leaded glass vase Jeremy's grandparents brought home for us from their trip to Ireland

And for dessert - a RAINBOW cupcake with Cool Whip (cloud) frosting (recipe and directions coming soon! Stay tuned.)

The entertainment:

The kids all commented at the end of the evening:
"This was the best St. Patrick's Day ever!"
"Yeah, it was waaaay better than last year!"


Anonymous said...

Jennifer- thanks for the ideas...

I'd seen the rainbow cake done on another blog, and after seeing your cupcakes yesterday morning, I was inspired.. I came home and made the cake with my girls. It turned out awesome, and tasty too.

Thanks too for the 'pot of gold' idea. It was a great (ie. free) way to decorate the table...

-Joanna (friend of Aimee and Matt)

Kristie said...

You are so creative! Such lucky kiddos! I have some fun ideas now for when my kids actually understand what St. Patty's day is!

Luna said...

Really cute! I can't wait for my kids to get a bit older! I think it will be so much fun to have fun dinners like yours.