Monday, March 30, 2009

Yummy yummy wedding food

Kari and I got to do the food for a friend's wedding last weekend. We were so happy to get the chance to try our hands at a catering gig and jumped at this opportunity. We had so much fun dipping strawberries and trying out new recipes. We tried to make things as easy as possible for ourselves by choosing foods that did not require tons of prep work and chopping. Here was our final menu:

- veggie tray
- quesadillas with 3 dips - guacamole, fresh salsa, and cilantro lime ranch
- sweet and sour meatballs
- lil' smokies
- cucumber sandwiches
- ham and jack cheese paninis on sourdough with honey mustard dipping sauce
- fruit kabobs with a cream cheese dip
chocolate dipped strawberries

We also served 3 different beverages:
- grape punch with floating frozen grapes
- vanilla lemonade
- and water

Check out that fridge! I was shocked at how quickly we filled this empty refrigerator. Those cucumber sandwiches were my personal favorite - so easy and delicious. I think it's the dill sprinkled on top that calls to me.

And this is how we looked by the end of the night. Not too bad, right? And do not fear - we did not do it all alone. We had some cheerful helpers through the night. Kari's daughter Kaleigh was there most of the night, as was my excellent mother-in-law, Karen. Sis. Isenberg and Sis. Champlain were also there. We had a great clean up crew at the end of the evening too. Thanks to my parents, Karen & Doug, Robb, and Sis. Champlain for getting us out the door so quickly. We were on our way in just an hour! It was a happy, hopping, hard working kitchen and a great experience for all of us.


kelly said...

That food sounds and looks so yummy. I'm sorry I forgot to call you about piano last week. We were out of town and for some reason it fell right out of my head. We will see you on Wednesday though!

The Faridoni Fam said...

Wow! That does sound yummy! Where were you when I got married??

Amy said...

It all looks SO good! Good job Jennifer and Kari. I'm impressed!!!

Pollock Palooza said...

I want to eat those strawberries!