Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jackson and the Red Pen

(That sounds like a book title doesn't it? Maybe I should run with that idea and publish all these "Jackson stories" and get some compensation for all these experiences.)

Here's a forward to this story: About a month ago someone wrote on the wall with a red Sharpie. No amount of elbow grease, Magic Scrubber or Goof Off would take that off! One day, several days later, Jackson saw that someone had written on the wall. He was perturbed by this "messy" as he called it and came back to it with a Lysol wipe to try to "clean up". He gave up after a few minutes and forgot about it.


He found a red marker in the marker basket. Duh. And of course that triggered his excellent memory and he remembered what he had seen on the wall already. Of course he had to add more to it. Here's his latest masterpiece.

Here's what his face looked like after I found the mess.

Oh, but he was more than happy to help me wipe it up. Off he went again to get his own Lysol wipe and cheerfully cleaned up his own mess. I was just glad it was a Crayola marker and not a Sharpie this time around.


whittakerwoman said...

We are going to be 50 and calling each other up and laughing at these posts of ours! ONE DAY! Until then hang on! :) H

haley said...

At least he missed all those fabric, at least that is what the pics look like, wallhangings!! No Lysol wipe would do the trick on those.

kelly said...

He is such a little spitfire. I sure enjoy him for those few minutes I see him every Wednesday!

Laura Keith said...

oh thank goodness! crayola marker is so much easier to clean up than the dreaded sharpie!

Luna said...

I've heard brake fluid gets permanent marker off the wall. We used WD40 to get it off of fabric. I couldn't believe how well it worked. Supposedly hair spray works as does non-acetone nail polish remover. I have to admit, I have done a lot of Google-ing about permanent marker removal.