Friday, March 14, 2008

Feelin' Green!

So we celebrated a early St. Patty's day this year. Jennifer and I are heading out of town on a couples trip and won't be around for St. Patrick's Day, and she couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat green eggs and ham. Jennifer bought some green bead necklaces for everyone to wear to get in the spirit of the event along with everything else that was green.
All were a little skeptic at first, I mean it goes against your better nature to eat green eggs and green pancakes, but all fears were washed away once they tried it.

The green milk is what did me in. Man that looked gross, but tasted the same (your shocked I know). Logan, waxing philosophical, or anatomical, or whatever, asked, "Dad what will this green food come out like once we eat it?" Ahh, good times.

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kelly said...

I love it! Every year for St. Patrick's Day I make the kids green pancakes, green eggs and green milk. They never forget and never let me get out of it!