Friday, March 14, 2008

Couples Trip Day 1

So a couple of years ago, Jennifer and I decided that we were gonna do something for our 10th wedding anniversary. Jennifer immediately knew what she wanted to do... New York. We went to New York around 8 years ago or so with my parents and Kristen and Doug, but obviously she didn't get enough. So we began saving a little money here and there to pay for the trip . We talked a few friends and family members (Matt & Aimee, Kari & Robb and Jared & Elizabeth) into going with us and here we are. Wanting to visit a place we have never been before, we decided that we would do a couple of days in Boston as well. Trip plans began last summer, including deciding that we would go during the first part of spring break so that we could still spend time with the family towards the latter end. Jennifer's parents very graciously agreed to take the kids, no small feat we know, and here we are. I promised the kids that we would blog daily if possible so that they could see what we were up to during the day. Hi Trevor, Logan, Lizzie and Jackson!

The trip began with a late night drive three stops included to Sacramento and an even later red-eye flight (12:05 am) to New York.
Jet Blue offers a little nicer amenities for flights, but when you are in a sitting position all night long, it doesn't matter much how nice it is- you just want to lay down already. We didn't sleep much last night to say the least. Here we are in the morning, looking a little haggard, but still awake.

Poor Robb, who has been sick lately had a terrible time with the air pressure up and high and ended up bursting an ear drum during the flight. He is in a remarkably good mood considering. Anyhow, after hassling with Hertz for almost an hour we all piled into a Yukon and headed down the road. The Hertz guy was looking at us all a little strange as I don't think he ever saw so many big bodies fit into that car with all our luggage.

We decided a while back to drive up to Boston and enjoy stuff along the way instead of flying. Because of that we have been in California, New York, Conneticut and Massachusetts today. Robb served his mission in the Conneticut area so he was very familiar with the area and showed us around a little along the way. We stopped off in New Haven

and Hartford where we ate a Jamaican hamburger, as Robb calls them. (Kind of a beer rock inside a sweet bun, not bad really!)

We all really enjoyed checking out the architecture and history of the New England area, so much cool history and cool homes. We spent the remainder of the day in Boston
where we rested up, ate at the oldest operating restaurant in the country (Union Oyster House below)

and ate some great cannoli (Modern Pastry mmmm!)and explored some of Boston's North End. Check out the video and pictures below

Man are we tired.


kelly said...

Jennifer you always look so beautiful! What an exciting way to spend your 10th. I have always wanted to go to New York. Have fun!!!

T&A Duran said...

Wow, the oldest operating restaurant in the country? That's impressive!

Jeremy said...

Ya, the food was not as good as we were hoping, but it was cool to eat in a place that has such history behind it.

jennifer said...

kelly, i've wanted to respond to your comment since i read it the first day - sorry it's taken so long! we truly have been running the entire trip and i have time now to catch up since we got home this morning. i'm glad you found us and am so excited to keep up with your family too! i still can't believe we've been married 10 years - it almost makes me feel OLD! but you're only as old as you feel, right?