Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 4- The Big Apple

y 4 took us to New York City, the granddaddy of em all. Jennifer and I have been to New York once before, but with so much to see and do here, once was not enough. An early wake-up call in Boston allowed us to arrive in New York, via the subway fairly early.

Speaking of the subway. We got lotsa good riding time in this week. The subway is amazing to me, such a vast underground system.

Here's what it was like

Once we checked into the hotel, we got back on the subway and did some of the New York things like, stopping off at Madison Square Garden for a tour. They call it the "greatest arena on earth". I told the guide that obviously he had never been to the Save Mart Center.

Here Matt weighs himself on the same scale used by the professional boxers before a match. Notice the scale topping out on weight...

touring Rockefeller Center...

Eating a New York hot dog from a cart (man look at her go)...

Catching the St. Patrick's Day Parade (really just a people marching around with green on, don't let anyone tell you different)

And taking a tour of NBC studios at 30 Rock. Here we walked on the nightly news set, saw the Saturday Night Live set and Jared and I even got to do a fake news cast from one of their prop sets.

Along the way, Jennifer and Aimee had to give there man, Michael Scott, a big 5...

For dinner, our group went to a place we have always wanted to go, Ruth's Chris. This is a southern place that was once just called Chris's Steak House. Chris sold to Ruth and thus it became Ruth's Chris.

It was awesome. Not our cheapest meal on the trip, but we did up spending less then we planned, made us pleasantly surprised.

The group stops for a moment near Times Square. Man that's a lot of lights.

Steak and sweet potatoes can leave one feeling a little heavy, but we still had one more stop for the day,

The Empire State Building!

After going on a skyride (think star tours new york style) on the second floor, we made our way 86 floors to the observation deck. Fastest elevator I have ever been on. Once on top we saw views like this

And this

The wind was blowing hard and it was FREEZING!

Check out the video below

They lit the building up green for St. Patricks Day

Matt and Aimee pose for a quick pic in the chill.

Elizabeth and Jared pose inside the lobby

Our hotel is a couple of blocks from the Empire State Building which we were planning on walking after leaving the building, but this guy (who makes a living off of tourists like us) offered to take for a 30 minute drive around the city for a decent price, so we all jumped in.

We cruised Rockafeller Center, Central Park and Times Square. Being that this was the first limo Jennifer and I have been in together, we felt big time.

Finally, we wanted to say hi to Trevor, Logan, Lizzie and Jackson. We miss you and we'll see you soon!

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