Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's time for a shower!

We were all thrilled to throw a baby shower for Kelly this weekend. Kelly is the youngest of the Ward family siblings. She is married to Julio and they live near Cal Poly where he goes to school. This baby will be their first and we are all so excited we can hardly stand it!

Kelly and Julio came into town on Friday - Kristen, Jeremy's other sister, drove up from Orange County to be here for the shower too.

Kari did her house up right. It felt like sprintime in the Christopherson's house! Perfect for a baby shower.

This was the only picture I got from this event. Kelly and her best bud Brooke. These girls have been friends since high school - and wouldn't you know it - they ended up marrying cousins! They are both Hernandez girls now. And just look at that prenant belly - oh I love it!

So many ladies showed up to wish Kelly well. She scored with all the gifts too! The cutest high chair ever, 3 bouncy seats, stroller, car seat, swing and all those sweet outfits. This baby girl is going to be set.

Can't wait to meet your little sweet pea! We love you Kelly!

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