Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Which lunch is Logan's?

If you know anything about our Logan then I'm sure you guessed correctly. Logan is our non-sweet eater. He has never liked sweets - not since birth. No fruit, juice, desserts, pancakes, you name it - he won't eat it. Even ketchup has too much sugar for his tastebuds. He simply cannot stand sweetness. It literally makes him gag. You can imagine what it's like when he has to take medicine. Swallowing an entire tablespoon of gooey ibuprofin is torture! So now that you know a little about our child #2 you understand that a meal made entirely of protien - grilled chicken and hot dogs - is not unusual. In fact, it's quite the norm.


Amy said...

He is so funny. If only I didn't like sweets...=D

caraleewaddell said...

So it's atkins for life eh? Poor Logan.