Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jackson the Monster

Jackson is affectionately known around the Ward home as the "little monster". This is because he does what we imagine little monsters do, reek havoc and make messes. One evening during winter break I walked by the downstairs bathroom and noticed a shinning coming from the darkened bathroom. When I turned the light on, I was at first shocked and then a little (by little I mean a lot) upset to see the floor covered in a half-inch layer of water and toilet paper pieces. Upon further investigation, we found the remains of 3 toilet paper rolls inside the toilet. Apparently, Jackson had a good time stuffing and flushing. The worst part was that the water had been on the laminate floor for some time, causing it to expand and buckle. The remainder of my break was spent ripping up the bathroom floor, laying new tile flooring, and installing everything all over again. A few days after that we noticed that all of the fish in the kids' fish tank went belly up and died. We also noticed a weird rainbow like shimmer to on the top of the water. We discovered the culprit the next day when we watched Jackson take the hand soap from the kids bathroom and proceed to squirt it into the fish tank several times. I know many parents deal with the day to day messes children can make. Of course Jackson does these as well. It seems with Jackson that we have stepped into another realm. His ability to find new ways to inflict maximum damage are unprecedented in the Ward family.
A couple of days ago, he figured out how to get on top the toilet in the kids bathroom, open the window latch, push out the screen, and proceed to throw bathroom items out of the window. Of course the grandma's say that he is "the cutest thing". They have yet to take us up on our offer of taking him for a few days to experience "the real thing".


Kristen said...

How can anyone be angry with a face that darn cute???

Jeremy said...

He's a cute destructive little bugger all right.