Monday, January 21, 2008

Hanging at the Hatchery

We took advantage of the day off today to take the kids to the fish hatchery in Friant. Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug also came along on the outing. The weather has been great here lately, in the 60's, which made for a great day to be out in the countryside.

The kids are always amazed at the sheer number of fishes, trout, that are swimming in in the shallow canals at the hatchery.

Ya right, thousands of slimy fish and they think that kids are actually not going to touch the fish? They may want to rethink the usage of the word "molest" also. I took some scouts here once and they had a great time laughing at that sign. Apparently it means different things to them. Disgusting I know.

They had a great time feeding the fish until they cleaned out every quarter that we and the grandparents had to purchase the food. Watching the feeding frenzy occur as they threw the food in drew lots of shouts of excitement.
Jennifer put her hands in her pockets (making it clear she would not be touching the fish food).

After a while, Logan was angling for some money as we told him that we would give him five bucks if he actually kissed one of the fish. This he tried until his face came within a couple of inches of the fish coming up to greet him. Then he decided that the money might not be worth it.


T & A Duran said...

How fun! You guys always come up with the best outings! How do think of this stuff???

jennifer said...

my hands were in my pockets because it was COLD out there, thank you very much! and, for the record, i did touch the nasty fish food - these are the sacrifices we make for the children...