Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh the Joy!

Lizzie started her first year of Joy School back in September. The kids meet once a week, rotating from house to house of each Joy School kid. The moms all take turns teaching lessons and doing educational activities with the kids. We even go on field trips too! The last field trip they went to the pet store. They learned all about different animals and got to hold rabbits, guinnea pigs and rats. Mmmmm.

I had the kids pose for a cute picture to send to the pet store employees as a thank you for a great field trip.

(clockwise from top left: Preston, Benny, Lizzie, Carlee)

Last week we were at Lizzie's house. We continued our "Water" theme and had fun learning all about water. We cooked with water and made Jello and juice. We played with water. We painted with water colors. We did a little science experiment with water - (we had to guess which objects would sink or float in our tub of water) they loved it! We love WATER!
The kids so enjoyed the water colors painting.
They painted for about 30 minutes - that's record time for a 3-year-old attention span. They were so intense!

Lizzie enjoys learning and going to school. She's getting pretty smart! Ask her and she can do any of the colors in sign language. She can usually tell you which month we're in too. Lizzie writes beautiful letter E's with no help at all! In a year and a half she'll be all ready for kindergarten! (We hope)

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Yay for Joy School!!! Oooh boy, I got joy...