Saturday, January 19, 2008

Grandpa Louie the Barber

Haircuts around the Ward house have come a long way from where they began. Grandpa gave Trevor his first haircut when he was 7 months old - and he screamed his head off! Mommy or Daddy would have to hold him tight while Grandpa did his best to give him a little trim. We later coaxed him into the chair, but he would only sit still if he held a sucker. You can only imagine what that sucker looked like after the clippers got going. Ew! So here you see Trevor, 8 years later, totally relaxed - even enjoying spending time just talking with Grandpa.

Logan was not as difficult as a baby. He would struggle a little bit, but always liked to sit still like his big brother. Here's a good BEFORE shot - always the cheese nut.
Logan almost started to drift off into sleep while Grandpa worked away. But he did his best to stay awake till the end (his favorite part) because he knew that was when Grandpa would slap a crisp $1 bill into his hand - or a "tip" as Grandpa calls it. I don't know why this tradition started, but the kids look forward to it every time he comes.
Jackson BEFORE: (just like when Trevor was a baby - clinging to Daddy's shoulder!)
AFTER. And here they all are! Silly boys with silly new haircut faces. And do not worry! Jackson's curls will grow back!

Thanks, Grandpa for the haircuts, the dollars and the good memories!

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T & A Duran said...

Jackson looks like a real little boy! They all look very handsome. Good job Grandpa Louie! =)