Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Night at the Races

Trevor had his first ever Pinewood Derby last night. That's his car on the left.

He has been so excited about the big race for a few days now that he hasn't spoken of much else. We spent some time this weekend working on the car.

We made Trev narrow his designs (found on the web) down to a car that was doable. I cut the car, Trevor sanded it and Jennifer painted it. For being our first car, it turned out pretty good. Jennifer painted some flames on the side per Trevor's request.

Trevor came up with a name for the car- "The Flamer", and unfortunately the name stuck and stayed despite his parents gentle suggestions that he might want to change it. I had concerns that Trev was going to be yelling, "Go Flamer, Go Flamer!" at the race. Thankfully that didn't happen. Check out the flamer doing it's thing below.

As it turned out the car did pretty good. Trevor won all his races , although they still gave him second place. Email me and I will tell you our secrets, unless we will have to race you, in which case we can talk money- that's right I'm willing to throw it all for the right price. Anyway, Trev was pretty excited to say the least, although you couldn't tell by his goofy picture below.

Grandpa Louie gave him a cigar box to store his car in. When he got home from the race, Trev placed the car in the box carefully treating it as a special jewel.

There were some real fun other cars at the race, one carved like the golden snitch from Harry Potter and another that looked like a ice cream bar.

Jennifer's parents and brother Samuel also came out to enjoy the fun.

We now have one year to prepare for the next race, with our title on the line you know we'll be bringing it!

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