Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2 0 0 8 R E S O L U T I O N S

Jeremy did a great Family Home Evening this week. He talked to us about the importance of setting and achieving goals. (This FHE may have been mostly for my benefit because of a small comment I made last week. I told Jeremy that I don't ever make New Year's resolutions because I know I'll never keep them!) He challenged us to think of 3 things we'd like to work on this year. Trevor, Logan, Mom and Dad all wrote down 3 goals we'd like to accomplish in 2008. (Well, he showed me! It was the "Triple Dog Dare" - will she commit? or look like a slacker in front of the kids? Of course I caved.) I thought it'd be a good idea to put them here for everyone to see and by so doing give the goals an added significance (and pressure to complete!).

(He had to limit himself with only 3 goals - you should see his "Life List" of goals - it goes on forever!)
1. Read the Book of Mormon
2. Plant 100 trees at school
3. Run in a half marathon

1. Read the scriptures every day
2. Refinish the kitchen table and chairs
3. Be more healthy - be conscious of food and excercise

1. Become a wolf (in cub scouts)
2. Be reverent in church
3. Be a good swimmer

1. Get lots of "A"s
2. Read the Book of Mormon
3. Ride a horse in Montana

So check up on us if you please. Ask how we're doing. Help us keep these goals! And don't be shy... what were some of your resolutions?

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