Monday, December 1, 2008

The many faces of Logan

You may have noticed that we have an incredibly difficult time taking a family picture. I think I found the reason... it's LOGAN! He is a master at silly faces and even takes time to practice. Here is a small sampler of his creativity for your enjoyment:


Older & Wisor said...

How old is this clown? I think he and Camden would be best buddies!

Douglas said...

what is the clicking on your site and how did you get the recent photos to show up on the blog previews (right hand side)?

jennifer said...


so the annoying clicking sound is from the slide show from a few posts down. it's the one with the toy story mania ad.

and to get the blog preview pictures on your blog roll all you have to do is 1. go into your dashboard 2. click layout 3. click add gadget 4. click add blog list 5. enter blogs and select your settings. it takes a little time, but it looks good and is so time saving for blog viewing - you only go to the sites with new posts. you'll like it. i know we do.