Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cheap Christmas Decor

Thanks to Rebecca for this great idea. She did a post about this free photo quality printables site ( Go there and check it out. Here's what I did:

1. chose my images from the site
2. saved them to my desktop
3. uploaded to Costco photos online
4. printed them in an hour
5. mounted them into $3 frames from WalMart
6. wa-lah! Christmas art!
(7. Now I have a spot to put some easily changeable seasonal art. I'm thinking something wintery for after Christmas...)


Becca said...

Cute!! Thanks for the idea!! I love it!!

Kristin said...

Great idea. I like the images you chose.

Older and Wisor said...

OOOOO...and look how sexy they turned out! I never even would have thought of having Costco developing them - way better than my printer. And what a great spot to be able to rotate (rather than every single wall in my house!)

Susie Demke said...

Nice- I like it! I could do that.
Your tree looks lovely. Ours is half decorated. From about Sheldon's arms length and higher.

Areli said...

Too got discounts on shopping for Christmas decratives through Brookstone.